Our Vision


To prevent all these inhumane acts against our children, the Olympians Academy has taken on the task of teaching as many children as we can accommodate, at the foundation phase of their lives.
We believe that by inspiring these young minds we can give these children a better future as we build self-esteem and teach core values.

Our curriculum includes the following:

– Literacy
– Numeracy
– Life Orientation
– Sports

We are currently working with the Government to have all our children recognized as 1st year students at the Department of Education.


We also want to make sure that no child goes hungry.
We want to implement a nutritious feeding scheme on a daily basis for all the children.
We strongly believe that no child should be allowed to go hungry.


The Western Cape has become known as the province with the highest rate of child abuse.

– Murder
– Rape
– Violence
– Abuse

The biggest cause of these heinous crimes are due to drug abuse, alcoholism, poverty.
Unfortunately many of our children’s parents are in one way or another affected by these incidents and our aim is to also assist where we can in order for changes to take effect in the child’s life.

We have met with the Department of Social Development to assist us with workshops particularly with regards to “protecting our children”